Our products

GEMINO supplies the necessary products for a feasibility analysis and implementation of IoT solutions.
Our product portfolio includes the IoT platform AGSuite Platform, the Smart Boxes and the Industry 4.0 solutions, all available with different levels of customization.

AGSuite Platform

The IoT platform entirely developed in our research centre and designed for those who want to implement IoT projects using a complete, safe, fast and economic framework.

AGSuite Platform is available as:

  • SaaS: for anyone that wish to develop IoT solutions on a fully managed infrastructure.
  • Installed on customer infrastructure: for companies that need to integrate large IoT solutions on proprietary infrastructure.

Learn more about AGSuite Platform or contact us for more information.

Why AGSuite Platform?

An IoT solution, whatever it is, always requires data collection and transmission. We have focused our expertise on developing a tool that, in addition to speeding up the development of solutions, allows our customers to develop, maintain and extend their solutions.

That’s why we release to all our partners the solutions made in AGSuite Platform in opensource, so that everyone can create value by always relying on specialized technical support.

Smart Box

Devices designed to accelerate developments.

Want to make your own device?

Our Smart Boxes can also be made with different levels of customization and services.

AGSuite Edge

Our IoT edge agent.

AGSuite Edge is the edge agent of AGSuite Platform. A SW suite preinstalled in our Smart Box and available to build third party devices.

AGSuite Edge integrates IoT functionality and a rich BSP that makes it suitable for the development of both IoT devices and 3-play access devices (routers).

AGSuite Edge is a widely tested SW suite already qualified by several TELCO and industrial operators.

Solutions for Industry 4.0

Vision Industry: the dashboard developed into AGSuite Platform and dedicated to Industry 4.0 that integrates:

  • Consumption monitoring;
  • Production supervision;
  • Process efficiency calculation;
  • Quality control;
  • Production costs analysis;

Discover some of our use case

Learn more about services in Industry 4.0, both for production companies and for System Integrators who want to offer Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT solutions to their customers.