Who we are

Gemino is the engineering company for the IoT.

We are the company who developed AGSuite Platform

the totally Italian IoT platform, winner of several awards and deployed in various contexts.

Since 2010 we do technology

GEMINO, founded by a group of engineers with high experience in the telecommunications market and networking device designing, has distinguished itself over the years for its expertise in the design of embedded systems based on Linux platforms and networking & telecommunications protocols.

Our idea

Starting from the simple assumption that any IoT system needs a support infrastructure that guarantees its operativity, it born AGSuite Platform, an IoT platform designed for the management of connectivity and implemented through different physical channels, all managed within a single context that adheres to the main standards of telecommunications networks. A tool designed for anyone who wants to create IoT solutions. A tool we use to improve and accelerate the release of solutions.

Our competences

Over the years we developed, other than AGSuite Platform, several projects that allowed us to gain skills in different sectors, both on SW and HW. We offer our experience and expertise to support companies who want to realize safe and reliable technology projects.

Running since 2010


GEMINO is founded by a group of engineers with over 10 years of experience in the design of network access device gained in international companies.

2011 - 2012

The company provides consultancy and embedded SW development services to national and international companies. The first R&D team for the study of a solution for the emerging IoT market is founded.

2013 - 2014

A second office in Shenzhen is opened in order to build a production chain that combines the goodness of Italian engineering with the prices of the technological market. The first version of AGSuite Platform is used by Italtel to build a network access device. T he company joins the Energy@home association where it contributes in the development of new interoperability protocols for the Smart Home based on Zigbee.

2015 - 2016

The company is recognized by the European Institute of Technology as one of the best European technology companies. AGSuite Platform, complete with Smart Box devices equipped with dynamic services and protocols managed from cloud is awarded by Deutsche Telekom as one of the three best European technological proposals for iot and Industry 4.0.

2017 - 2020

Thanks to the extension of AGSuite Platform to the world of WebApp and verticalizations, the platform is adopted by several major players in the telecommunications and system integration markets. Several custom systems are designed and released.


Since 2020 we provide different development and qualification services for the design and development of HW and SW, both on customer specifications or built on AGSuite Platform infrastructure, working across TELCO, Industry and Energy markets. Devices and solutions designed by GEMINO are included in the offer of our clients in global contexts. The solutions implemented by third parties or released by us on AGSuite Platform have been operating for several years 24h/24h without interruptions of service.