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Starting from the simple assumption that any IoT system needs a support infrastructure that guarantees its operativity, it born AGSuite Platform…

Not always there are the conditions to design everything from scratch

We tailor our offer with a variable mix of products
and services in order to always offer the best technology at the lowest price and shorter time.

  • Infrastructure and IoT solutions
  • Digitization of industrial machinery and departments
  • Embedded SW development
  • Study of complex algorithms
  • HW design and implementation

An IoT solution, whatever it is, always involves the acquisition, transport and processing of information. A common path for all sectors and solutions where proven products can reduce development time and costs.

Our product portfolio includes the AGSuite Platform and IoT Smart Box that we provide with different levels of customization.

Technology is the tool that allows the creation of the solution.

Connections are the element that gives life to the system. Standards are the means that guarantee its usability over time.

We have a great culture on communication networks, protocols and system architectures that allows us to propose state of the art solutions that can evolve over the years. Systems where openness and security come together to create today’s solutions ready for tomorrow.

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