Reshape with IoT

IoT means renewal. A technology able to combine new systems, equipment and objects to systems of previous generations to achieve new functionalities. Connected objects have existed for decades, the IoT aggregates, integrates and extends them bringing new features that go beyond the logic of M2M.

We have a series of simple beliefs that are the basis of all our achievements on IoT.

We believe that

A device that, through a network connection, sends data to a server, is not an IoT solution.

The IoT infrastructure must be aware of the status of each connected elements. Data transmission must be guaranteed and the reason for data absence must always be clear and identifiable. A context of information management that includes, in addition to the concept of «data», also the concept of «not data».
That’s why our infrastructure supervises the real-time status of every connected device.

let's make an example

A system that receives data transmitted by remote devices that send information autonomously cannot be able to understand if the lack of data is due to:

  • Lack of connectivity.
  • Device failure.
  • Device that has nothing to «say».

A data database does not constitute a system for tracking and historicizing information.
Each data must be contextualized in time and possibly in space. For every data it must always be possible to go back to the instant in which it was generated and to the instant in which it was received.
That’s why our infrastructure can buffer data at every level and track both the time a data was generated and the time it was actually made available.

let's make an example

When a data is received, it is essential to answer the question: when was this data generated?

If an alarm is received, it is necessary to know whether the alarm was activated 10s before or, for lack of connectivity, was transmitted with 1h of delay.

When a data is used, it is essential to answer the question: when was this data received?

If an alarm was received with 1h of delay, we will know that the failure to intervene is not due to negligence but lack of connectivity.

Access credentials and encrypted connections do not mean security.
The security of a system must be ensured by mechanisms that manage both cyber-attacks coming from outside, and possible attacks that can come from inside. A security concept extended to every element of the infrastructure that must also ensure the protection of connected devices, users, data and user interfaces.
For this reason, we promote AGSuite Platform for IoT realizations, in order to automatically have a robust security management that extends to the entire infrastructure with mechanisms for connection and distribution of rights that allow the development of solutions that will be automatically secure in all respects.

let's make an example

Data transmission directly from remote devices requires that the credentials to access to the central system are distributed. Credentials that reside on different devices and could be hacked to generate new data streams. That’s why an IoT system must provide a continuous and automatic update of credentials, combined with protection mechanisms that do not allow the credentials extraction.

The best system, without management, quickly becomes obsolete.
Security logics, standards and technologies quickly evolve and may affect the reliability of any system. Complex systems such as IoT infrastructures contain hundreds of elements that must be constantly updated to ensure their reliability and maintained to ensure their interoperability.
That’s why AGSuite Platform has been developed to manage the connection and data transport in compliance with the specifications of each installation, maintaining a separate management of all connected elements and the capability to perform automatic upgrades at each level of the infrastructure.

let's make an example

WEP, the security algorithm for WiFi connections, is recognized as unsafe, but was released by the IEEE in 1997 as «Wired Equivalent Privacy». More recently, the WPA2 algorithm was officially hacked (October 16, 2017), requiring an upgrade of all systems in the field.
Such examples can be extended to any standard and/or protocol, making security a time-measurable concept. The only defence is the capability to perform devices upgrade campaigns.

An IoT solution, without smart edge component, is just a data processing system.
The iot, by its nature, exists only in the presence of objects that are able to share information. Leave the transmission of information to the object means maintaining all objects individually and not having tools that guarantee interoperability and the evolution of the infrastructure over time.
We started developing AGSuite Platform from the edge that is one of the pillars of the entire infrastructure.

let's make an example

Supervise a system in real time means sending data with high frequency unless an edge system that performs the supervision is not available and sends the data only when needed. In this way, for example, it is possible to implement a temperature control system that will send a data every 15min, sending data every 1s only when the temperature exceeds a certain threshold, that is when the information is needed. Similarly, a smart edge device can trigger a siren if an alarm occurs, even without connectivity.

Competence | Culture | Complexity

For each implementation, is first needed to identify the appropriate tools to achieve the goals.
Not always the IoT infrastructures are developed through the employment of suitable platforms, being the complexity perceived only to the solution level and not of the entire system that have to be deployed, with results often intrinsically weak, with unsuitable and unstable functions, comparable to an iceberg without its submerged part.


Secure, resilient, reliable, robust and affordable solution


Ensuring security and resilience means to aggregate all elements into certified structures


Ensuring reliability means to integrate technology with elements of proven stability


Ensuring robustness means selecting the right technology to fulfil the goals

Data presentation

System security
Rights distribution
Access control

Dynamic data collection
Long term test

Working environment
Computing power

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