AGSuite borns in 2012 as an embedded stack for the creation of 3-play gateway and only later has been extended with all the functions related to the IoT.

It remains the native compatibility with the TELCO network architectures for the deployment of access gateways, adherence to TELCO standards, multimedia and remote management capabilities and compatibility with various network processors.
The embedded part of AGSuite has been used for the creation of Access Gateway 3-play and its functionalities have already passed the qualifications of a major TELCO.

In addition to its Smart Boxes, AGSuite has been installed over the years on the following network processors:

  • Ikanos;
  • Lantiq;
  • Realtek;

On these network processors have been made products that, to the native characteristics of the interfaces, add functions of VDSL bundling, LTE fallback and VDSL-LTE bundling. AGSuite then manages both the system configuration and the VDSL / fiber / ADSL transition without rebooting.

The managed interfaces also include PPPoE, PPPoA, VLAN, VC, interfaces isolation, bridging and termination, statistics management and all that ratified by the TR-181 standard. All this to make AGSuite a system able to support every networking scenario necessary for the implementation of CPE.

All the technical documentation necessary for participation in calls for tenders for CPE equipment that includes hundreds and hundreds of features of AGSuite is available on request.

Gemino also, in conjunction with its partners, is able to offer the complete design of the equipment, from the functional specification to the delivery of the device.