Smart Home

A complete set of services designed for the development of connected home products, from devices remote management to network infrastructures for the provision of services.

AGSuite's features allow you to really invest on the creation of your final solutions with reduced time to market, having an infrastructure that provides:

  • Management of several protocols;
  • Data security;
  • Privacy and sensitive data management by-design in accordance with GDPR 2018;
  • Administration of users profiles and access rights;
  • Data history management;
  • Compatibility with installations on multi sites;
  • Management of various IPCams of different manufacturers;
  • System access from local and remote site;
  • Management of alarms and push notification on mobile platforms;
  • Creation of combined rules;
  • White label Smart Box;
  • Set of compatible sensors available in Gemino;
  • Cloud API for direct management of Smart Boxes and devices connected in the field;

A complete collection of source codes further speeds up the study of the final solutions:

  • APP for smartphones;
  • WebAPP for creating portals in the cloud;
  • OSGi APP for complete personalization of the entire Platform;

Through our partners are also available complete vertical solutions with management, logistics, assistance and cloud services that can be directly marketed.