Smart Energy

From simple metering to the most advanced energy efficiency solutions. AGSuite is the instrument that bring you from the simple and plug&play connection of a meter with data available in cloud, up to the connection of data analysis systems and implementation of energy efficiency dynamics.

Do energy efficiency with AGSuite means being able to have a tool that can adapt to the needs of the various actors involved in efficiency operations. To each his configuration:

  • Energy Consultants: an easy and intuitive tool. Wireless and plug&play meters, Smart Boxes directly connected to the cloud. Few and fast steps allow energy consultants to see and download all consumption data in real time directly from the cloud, within a restricted area;
  • Companies: a unique data transport infrastructure capable of collecting different information and providing it in an aggregated way into a single solution. A data sharing infrastructure for the purchase of dynamic and free third party analysis services;
  • Efficiency services providers: an instrument able to operate on heterogeneous customers and able to provide, within a single cloud interface, all the data collected from the customers premises in a normalized format and independent from the meters in the field and the communication network;

Six main features allow AGSuite to scale up from a plug&play solution to a complete efficiency system:


The use of a single Smart Box and a single cloud connection technology. The management of connections rights in the enterprise IT environment is carried out only once for the Smart Box. Any other connected object will be conveyed by the Smart Box within the same secure channel, avoiding the analysis of security for all connected devices. Ethernet, WiFi and LTE allow free choice of the best channel to connect to the cloud.


The ability to interface with the meters in different ways. Modbus and wireless zigbee connection. Ethernet, WiFi and RS485 channels. In each installation it is possible to choose the best metering solution or connect to the already available meters.


The ability to access, view and download all data in real time, without the need to create user profiles. The collected data are immediately available on the platform. This is the ideal system for energy consultants who have what is necessary to provide their services in a quick and cheap way.


The ability to share real time and historical data with advanced data analytics systems allows a dual advantage for the company that will be able to buy multiple analytic services from third parties and to immediately verify the goodness. Similarly, the energy efficiency service provider will have the double advantage of being able to treat all its customers within the same interface and with the same data format, and to allow its customers access to historical data without losing energy in the creation of infrastructures. This represents the ideal starting point for companies and suppliers of energy efficiency services that intend to operate in the energy sector using IoT logics.


The possibility of connecting additional devices, systems, meters and sensors allows to extend the energy diagnosis to heterogeneous quantities. This enables analysis no longer linked only to the energy consumption of the plants, but related to the actual operation of the plants and the production performed, as well as to the environmental conditions of the buildings or the state of the windows. The advantage will also be in this case both for the company that will find answers typical of Industry 4.0, with the possibility of reaching the energy cost of each piece produced, both for the suppliers of energy efficiency services that will extend the capabilities of its own analysis tools to the entire customer structure.


The ability of AGSuite to host third-party APP directly into the Smart Box allows the creation of real IoT scenarios with an Edge Computing approach. This represents the highest level of use and integration of the IoT platform and allows you to manage critical events directly in the field, perform data processing to generate additional aggregated data and runs custom algorithm directly on the edge, into the Smart Box.

Gemino, thanks to the supply of AGSuite, complete with Smart Box, cloud platform and wireless meters constitutes a real "Single Point of Service" for all those involved in the analysis and optimization of consumption.

The availability of a DB that can be activated in real time through the same Smart Box allows the fielding of solutions with extreme rapidity.

AGSuite REST APIs allow you to extend purely cloud platforms with real time functionality and bidirectional interaction with the field.

Are you looking for a "turnkey" solution? Contact us and together we will look for the best solution also with Gemino partners that deal with energy efficiency and consumption analysis.