HW design

Gemino is able to provide various HW solutions already present in the company's product portfolio and modified to better adapt to customer needs.

For all cases where the Smart Box architectures and / or the sensors offered by Gemino are not sufficient to solve the customer's needs, Gemino provides:

  • Variations to their products;
  • Study of new products according to customer specifications;

The design covers all the development of the HW and of any SW / FW, up to the implementation of complete systems.

Gemino's design excellence is the collection of data. We are able to connect devices that are not originally connected and make them manageable remotely.

The design covers both the development of specific sensors for industrial or scientific use ...

Example of a sensor for scientific use developed with Zigbee technology. Main features are:

  • Battery powered;
  • IP67 rating;
  • Ability to feed external scientific probes;
  • Data reading with 16bit ADC;
  • Creation of a synchronous sensor network for simultaneous reading;

... that the design of complex microprocessor cards:

Example of VDSL Access Gateway developed on REALTEK processor. Main features are:

  • 4xGEthernet ports;
  • VDSL interface;
  • Dual concurrent Wifi 11ac + 11n;
  • Possibility of extension with FXS;
  • BTLE;
  • Ultra low-cost architecture;

Solution design based on:


  • NXP iMX family (iMX8, iMX6) and Layerscape (LS1012, LS1024);
  • LANTIQ/INTEL, Realtek;


  • Geth;
  • WiFi;
  • USB;
  • LTE/5G;
  • Zigbee;
  • LoRA;
  • BT;
  • Serials;
  • I/O;

Core: DDR3/4, LPDDR, eMMC, SD;

We supply:

  • HW design to the concept, sample, pilot or mass production according to requirement with CE certification or pre-certification;
  • Board bring-up, bootloader design, Linux embedding;
  • Secure boot architectures and trust chain management/design;
  • Driver porting;
  • Complete Linux release design for the device;
  • Networking solution (IP, TR069, IPSEC, VPN, VRRP, routing, bridging, SMS, VoIP, ONVIF, …);