IoT PLUS with AGSuite

Make IOT with AGSuite means having a powerful government tool that promotes competitiveness, productivity, savings, and time to market. IoT PLUS. The IoT with AGSuite.

IoT PLUS is Security

Each connected device remains within a secure network where access to data and functions occurs only under the control of AGSuite.

IoT PLUS is Interoperability

Each connected device can be interoperable with any other device, regardless of protocol and physical connection.

IoT PLUS is Immediacy

Each connected device becomes immediately accessible from cloud, regardless of its functionality and customer network.

IoT PLUS is Management

Every AGSuite based system is managed and controlled remotely in a bi-directional way.

IoT PLUS is Efficiency

Every AGSuite-based system operates in real-time with on-demand dynamic connections.

IoT PLUS is Modularity

Every AGSuite based system has interfaces and features remotely extendable with dynamic applications and services.

Remote Infrastructure Management
Distributed Data Management

Any data generated within an IoT system is a strict property of the system that generates it. This is the logical and constructive element that governs the entire architecture of AGSuite.

IoT PLUS means Interoperability, Security and Immediacy on data management.

IoT PLUS means Management, Modularity and Efficiency on infrastructure government.

AGSuite is a complete product that offers, in the same architecture:

  • A multiprotocol IoT platform ready to use;
  • An opensource development system within which you can create your own product;
  • A management and profiling system for user and equipment rights of use;
  • A WebAPP hosting system for the representation of data;

Thanks to the source codes of APP Mobile and WebAPP offered by Gemino, several brands have already developed complex IoT products in a short time and minimum investment.