Industry 4.0

Talking about Industry 4.0 means having data that can be processed to find new strategies and production efficiencies. AGSuite, as an IoT platform, allows to collect and aggregate all the physical data within a single transmission channel. This increases security, maintains all real-time functions and allows unprecedented forms of interoperability between machines and devices.

Wireless distribution of signals
Interface to existing equipment
Machineries securing
Wireless distribution of signals
Visual inspection with IP cam

AGSuite's ability to combine different technologies and make them interoperable creates a myriad of solutions that can be applied directly in the field and are implemented by Gemino directly with customers or through our system integrator.

The ability to download applications and protocols remotely makes the industrial solutions:

  • Scalable with new items that can be linked and taken into management;
  • Agnostics compared to the installed machineries park that can be connected to the Smart Boxes in a second time without changing the projct design made;

Each implementation benefits from all the functions of AGSuite that can be enabled based on the project requirements, moving from simple local automation managed at the Smart Box level, to the logic of sharing data and usage profiles in the cloud and edge-computing mechanics with algorithms distributed on Smart Boxes.