AGSuite is pre-installed into the Smart Box and Cloud or can be supplied as a SW Platform. A series of Qualified Third Party Sensors completes the offer for the implementation of IoT systems.

IoT PLUS with AGSuite means building solutions that can quickly target different market segments.

Utilities & ESCo: Smart Energy&Home
Utilities & ESCo:
Smart Energy&Home
Supply of complete IoT network infrastructures capable of delivering in a single package a customized, self-installing Smart Home solution interoperable with various devices, from electrical energy, heat, safety, up to the remote management of traditional devices such as boilers, inverters etc. The possibility of connecting heterogeneous services to data in the cloud transforms a Smart Home solution installed at the user home into a strategic network asset.
Assurance: Smart Home
Smart Home
Supply of customized and self-installing Smart solutions able to manage alarms and events in support of insurance packages to protect the insured property. The direct connection to the operating centers allows the provision of new generation insurance services without the need for costly investments in technological infrastructures.
Self Install KIT Smart Home
Smart Office

Implementation of complete KIT according to customer specifications.

An extensive network of partnerships with device manufacturers, in conjunction with a large portfolio of compatible devices, allows the creation of turnkey KITs that combine different functionalities that are typically available only through different suppliers. Outside Italy, Gemino seeks and selects System Integrator and partner for the supply of both logistical and technical support for the implementation of the final system.

TELCOs: Smart Home&Office
Smart Home&Office
AGSuite, born in 2010 as an OS for Access Gateway, maintains its original features that make it compatible with the typical management architecture of the TELCO and the 3-play functionalities. All the advantages of the IoT infrastructure are combined with a complete compatibility of AGSuite with the latest VDSL network processors, making it possible to create Smart Home and Smart Office solutions directly on the Access Gateway.
PA: Smart Cities
Smart Cities
Public Administration: AGSuite, as it is conceived and structured, implements a distributed operating system able to transform the concept of Smart City from the current conception based on infrastructures, into a higher concept of intelligent city able to hosting services and solutions developed by third parties within the city, using the city as and its elements as if they were the HW supporting evolved services.
System Integrators: Verticals Implementation
System Integrators:
Verticals Implementation
The IoT includes a multiplicity of solutions that must be studied in order to implement vertical solutions. The possibility of developing solutions that goes from sensors to video to the management of industrial protocols makes AGSuite a powerful tool for integration that guarantees IT security, scalability, interoperability and remote management in a single element, thus allowing the development of the individual vertical in complete autonomy respect to what is installed in the field and what the transmission network offers.
Device Manifacturers: Smart&IoT Gateway
Device Manifacturers:
Smart&IoT Gateway
AGSuite, even in a single-ended configuration, ie without the cloud counterpart, provides an operating system compatible with a variety of processor architectures. The integration of AGSuite within a device, be it IoT or simple DSL gateway, makes the object immediately compatible with TELCO architectures and IoT protocols with enormous savings in R&D and time-to-market reduced to zero. The relationships of Gemino with many chip manufacturers also allows to free the HW design from the SW issues related to the management of the functions of the processors and interfaces.
Industrial Players: Industry 4.0
Industrial Players:
Industry 4.0
In the Industry 4.0 AGSuite introduces two great immediate advantages:
  1. the ability to connect different machineries and sensors in the maximum IT safety;
  2. the possibility of making each objects inter-connected also locally;
New machinery and protocols can be remotely connected even later, allowing the solution to grow over time. With AGSuite, old lathes and presses can for example be made interoperable with sophisticated video systems in just few days. Industry 4.0 also means large amounts of data that can be stored with AGSuite and made available to third-party services for specific analyzes such as energy efficiency or maintenance. All with a single IT architecture.