A series of products and services available worldwide to customers in the telecommunications, multimedia and broadband access sectors.

Our skill is focused on the CPE design.
Our engineers work daily on SW and HW architectures to provides on demand product solutions.
Our products are focused on the SW design of open architecture for next generation home gateway and remotely managed infrastructures.
Our proposition enjoy OSGi to extend services.

Our proposition lives @home

Our customers need best in class solution to be applied in the market. Time to market and functional compliance are the key to meet the market.
Our goal is to comply to the standards, offer everyday new user experience and functionalities in the domestic and small-business environment and keep the compatibility with new devices as higher as possible.
Our R&D continuously extend and maintains products to deliver up-to-date solution everyday.
Our customers work with us to build and maintain complex embedded products.
Technologies daily used by our engineers includes:

  • TR-069
  • ADSL
  • VDSL
  • Java Virtual Machine
  • JIT/AOT Compilers
  • Android
  • OSGi
  • MIPS
  • DLNA
  • UPnP

Consultancy are available at the customer facilities to speed up products integration and development.