A complete solution for Access Gateway and CPE development and management.

AGSuite is a modular software suite for AGW and CPE development and management. The suite integrates into a single and smart solution the functionalities required to build your product in few steps.
As turn-key solution, AGSuite allows an easy and fast turn-on of broadband solution based on xDSL connectivity.
The strong knowledge in embedded projects development, in conjunction with wide network expertise, allow Gemino to provide to its customer a best-in-class solution in terms of cost, footprint and speed, without loosing any functionalities required by the market.
Synergies between Gemino teams provide a complete integration of the AGSuite with OSGi Execution Environment, allowing the design of complex solution based on remotely-managed bundles to access to the new smart-home and smart-grid technologies.
Based on standard Linux OS, AGSuite allow an easy and fast extension of the platform with opensource packages. Provided GPL Abstraction Layer allows the extension of the AGSuite with GPL based code, without the risk of GPL infection.
Designed around a Configuration Manager, AGSuite provides to the customer an easy way to add and configure new SW scenarios and functionalities, without the effort of the configuration sharing and intra-modules cooperation.
The solution provides a complete product easy to be managed, extended and customized following the customer requirements.
AGSuite functionalities are all provided under a single license, without the need to merge many software providers. Maintenance and support are both available through a single interface.

Major Advantages:

  • Compatible with several xDSL chipset
  • Scalable, extendible architecture
  • Small footprint
  • Integrated with OSGi Execution Environment
  • Totally managed through web and TR-069
  • Crash-safe architecture built around a plug-in based Configuration Manager
  • Fast startup procedure
  • Zero reboot configuration environment
  • Easy to extend through opensource packages
  • Totally supported with professional services

AGSuite Environment

AGSuite, chained to the Gemino Execution Stack, represent the state-of-the-art to bridge the SmartHome context, the user requirements and the Services available through Internet & Cloud.

WAN Management

A complete TR-069 solution including TR-181 data model. Management is chained to Configuration Manager for real-time concurrent access support without race conditions.

Cloud Services

Features to manage cloud services for TELCO and users needs. Act as single sharing point. Provides access to USB / LAN / WAN storages. Embedded backup capability.


A management interface available to the user for CPE configuration and maintenance. Based on user level to allows different administrative rights.

Bundles Management

Interface available to manage OSGi bundles in through TR-069 interface. It allow the interaction between TR-069 remote ACS and services available into the Execution Environment.

Enhanced Management

Available into the Gemino Execution Stack, provides a new user experience in the home scenarios, through OSGi bundles and Smart Phone / Tables Apps.

Indoor Protocols

Available into the Gemino Execution Stack, allows the extension of the CPE to manages several indoor protocol and devices such as bluetooth and zigbee.

Fast Boot

Optimized boot sequence and zero reboot technologies for best user experience.

AGSuite Architecture

Configuration Manager

Built to be the core of the CPE engine. Manages configuration data models by a CPE abstraction that allows SW entities to act in a HW independent environment. Coordinates SW entities to manage boot phases and hang events. Provides plug-in interface to develop further extensions.

TR-OS Configuration Modules

Series of modules specifically developed to interact with Configuration Manager. Provides all the functionalities required into CPE and AGW scenarious, including local hardware and software management such as remote management through HTTP, TR-069 or clipboard.


Gemino Execution Environment available for the AGSuite integration.

Hardware Abstraction Layer

Set of tools designed to provide to the Configuration Manager the board HW capability. It provides also a common way to makes AGSuite platform running on new target.

Linux Kernel

State of the art Linux Kernel updated to 3.x version. Multi-processor capability, packet acceleration engine and VPN HW termination supported.