Founded in 2010 by a group of engineers with many years of experience in the design of embedded devices for the telecommunications industry, thanks to the expertise of its employees, has achieved significant results in a short time, with the recognition of Primary companies that have relied on the excellent quality of services provided.

Core Business

The design of embedded solutions based on Linux and Android is the excellence of the company. The skills acquired by staff allow Gemino to provides solutions quickly applicable to the final target. A strong focus on innovation and constant investments in research and development allow Gemino to approach markets with high technological content mainly focused on the development of complex embedded solutions. Gemino designs, develops and manufactures products and solutions for networks and next-generation services in Multi Media, Remote Management and Networking contexts. Gemino also uses the skills acquired to create reliable, open and flexible SW infrastructure and solutions. In its portfolio Gemino provides proprietary products, professional services, engineering and consulting, managed services and ICT solutions for the Smart Cities. Gemino also provides solutions based on small embedded microcontrollers with strict requirements in terms of cost and power consumption. The active interaction with companies from the Far East allows Gemino to find the best compromise in terms of cost – performance – delivery time for the production of large volumes of equipments. Direct collaboration with several producers of silicon, gained over the years by the group of engineers founder, allows Gemino to choose the state of the art in terms of technology.

Markets and Customers

Gemino works in the Italian technology sector. Gemino customers are large companies involved in the development of embedded solutions based on open source SW, government and industrial companies involved in the design of ultra low power embedded solutions. Gemino counts among its customers several companies, where it design embedded devices based on open source and proprietary software solutions and it provides engineering services, primarily for the construction of AGW 3Play, concentrators for Smart Cities and Remote Management oriented SW architectures. Telecoms companies where cooperates with its Remote Management SW for CPE and AGW, for the definition of next generation functionalities for AGW and CPE. Energy@Home alliance where provides its BBF standards compliant SW solution for the implementation of home automation oriented CPE. Companies where provides embedded microcontroller for managing smart card and chip card, as well as Client – Server systems for the Mobile – SmartTag market.

Human Resources

Always careful in the selection of peoples with higher skills to design solutions for the embedded market and open source, Gemino uses a consolidated team-mix trained by people of long experience assisted by young employees with proven skills in developing solutions based on today’s technology. The collaboration with universities and the vast pool of knowledge gained over the years allow Gemino to operate the correct choices in order to offer professional services based on expertise, availability, interest and enthusiasm of resources.

Human Resources

Gemino, through the passion and skills of its resources, has always been in-touch with issues related to new technologies, market challenges and innovation in different sectors. These factors have made it possible to reach, in a short time, important goals including:

  • European patent for the realization of TAG RFID in semi-passive technology with button-battery life of more then ten years. This allows the construction of sensors NFC ISO14443 A & B powered by button battery that does not require any maintenance.
  • Award for technological innovation recognized by the Lombardy region for the construction of an accelerator software for Java Virtual Machine (Just In Time Engine) for MIPS microprocessors.

In addition to the awards achieved Gemino works with its own resources on different areas of research in several field of embedded market, including:

  • ULC RFID structures: development of RFID technology for semi-passive SmartTags for sensors with BOM less than 1USD.
  • Systems for ultrafast target boot in Linux and Android.
  • Graphical user interfaces context on Smart Devices for virtual desktop of embedded systems.
  • Acceleration of SW under Java environment.
  • Security and access, enabling structures for secure remote data management.
  • Multi Media streaming, real-time streaming and DLNA extension.
  • Migration of the embedded target from stand-alone device to cloud device.