Design of Smart Gateways and Application Gateways.

Thanks to its staff, Gemino provides solutions ready to be deployed on broadband fixed networks, with a particular attention to the contexts of remote management of large amount of equipments.

Knowledge, partnerships with other industry leaders and a strong commitment allow Gemino to manage a complete service delivery platform over the broadband network.
Product availability and flexibility allow the easy development and deployment of complexes IoT solution directly on the ADSL / VDSL network.
Smart Gateway networking capabilities allows a complete management of the security, video stream, network device management, data delivery and storage in a single, low cost solution.

AGSuite: a complete Service Provisioning Platform
A complete Service Provisioning Platform that adheres to international standards and implements into a single end-to-end solution everything needed to build an application-based infrastructure over a broadband network in a single-license product that guarantees the full interoperability between all components.

Highly integrated embedded Software components
AGSuite demonstrates that a single Smart Gateway device can serves the entire IoT scenario in a real integrated solution, with relevant advantages in terms of service availability, cost reduction and user experience in a real open and protected environment across broadband networks.

Cloud server extends the overall interoperability
SparkACS provides devices and applications management in a safe architecture also suitable for Smart Energy scenarios deployment that adheres to international standards and protects devices private data connections to provide the best in terms of security.


An Access Gateway and xDSL CPE Linux-based platform.

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An ACS for remote management of your devices leveraging Broadband Forum's CWMP.

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An embedded Virtual Machine with JIT/AOT targeting the MIPS Arch.

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